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An efficient tool engineered for your online safety, effectively safeguarding against counterfeit storefronts, phishing attempts, and scam websites. Enhance your internet browsing experience with our pragmatic and reliable solution



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How it works

When a user navigates to an unfamiliar link, the Paranoid Web Extension transmits pertinent information—site URL, icon hash, and page title—to its dedicated API for real-time analysis.

Data processing occurs in fractions of a second, preempting user errors by swiftly identifying potential threats. Upon detection of a suspicious element, the extension proactively blocks the page, simultaneously issuing a hazard alert and advising on the next steps.

Paranoid Web Extension is capable of identifying and blocking recently established malicious sites, even those as new as a couple of days old, that could be requesting your credit card information. In the rare instance of a false positive, users have the option to rectify by clicking the Report an Error button.

Bad Reviews Alert

The Paranoid Web Extension is a tool that monitors websites for negative feedback from external sources. As you browse the internet, it keeps track of any adverse reviews or complaints associated with the sites you visit. If you land on a site that has a significant number of complaints or poor reviews, the extension will promptly notify you, ensuring you're informed before you continue exploring that site.
how it works

Our users experience

After my mom got tricked by a fake website and had her personal info stolen, I was super worried about her online safety. So, I installed the Paranoid Web Extension on her computer. Now, she gets a heads-up if a website seems sketchy. Seeing her browse with confidence again is such a relief. Really glad we have this tool to help keep her safe online!

Julia Martinez

Man, I wish I'd known about the Paranoid Web Extension earlier. I got roped into this 'too good to be true' investment online and lost a chunk of my savings. If I'd had this extension, I might've caught the red flags. Now, I've got it installed and it's like having a safety net while browsing. Lesson learned – better safe than sorry.

Derek Harrison

Using the Paranoid Web Extension has been such a time-saver for me. Before, I'd always manually check the age of every domain to ensure its credibility. Now, I don't have to – the extension does all the heavy lifting. It feels great to browse with that added layer of security and not have to second-guess every click.

Lila Fernandez

I got burned by a fake online shop and lost $200. It stung, not gonna lie. But that mishap led me to the Paranoid Web Extension. Kind of wish I'd known about it sooner. It's like a small price to pay to find this safeguard. Now, I feel way more secure when I shop online.

Natasha White