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The most advanced tool to block dangerous sites,
including fake shops, phishing, and scam sites.

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What is it?

Paranoid Web Extension – is a browser extension that blocks malicious sites. The extension checks many signs by which it detects a fake online store that collects your payment or personal data, or a fake login page for popular financial and cryptocurrency services.

The extension was created to prevent the user from making a mistake, losing money, or buying an ineffective product (like weight loss products).

Are you not sure if you need this?? Then try to visually find the differences between these links:
https://apple.com, https://applе.com, https://appIe.com

did not find the difference?

Recommended for both beginners and advanced users.

How it works

When a user opens an unknown link, the extension sends the site URL, site icon, and page title to the API of Paranoid Web Extension.

Data is processed in less than a second, the user will not have time to make a mistake. When a threat is detected, an extension blocks the page with a warning about the danger and advice to do.

Paranoid Web Extension may block a site made a couple of days ago and already requesting a credit card from you. In case of a false positive, you can click the "This is an error" button.

Examples of warnings

Suspicious Site

  • This site was created 5 days ago and is already being distributed through advertising. Be careful.
  • On this page, we found the design elements of another popular site. Perhaps this site fake of example-online-banking.com

Dangerous Site

  • Site name has cyrillic letters. Hackers use Cyrillic symbols for creating plausible, visually indistinguishable fake. With a high probability, this site is fake of example-online-banking.com
  • By the name, site looks like example-banking.com. Сarefully check the address bar.

From what we protect users?

The automatic Paranoid Web Extension system analyzes many sources to find scams and protect its users.

example.com Danger Site

Why not Anti-Virus?

Antivirus is designed to protect your computer from malware and does not protect the user from sites created to steal your funds and personal information.

We recommend using Paranoid Web Extension in conjunction with antivirus.

Proactive Extension

Paranoid Web Extension is a proactive extension. Unlike the Google Safe Browsing blocker, which works with stop-lists, it recognizes the probability that the site was created for phishing or is very suspicious. To avoid false positives, the extension uses the domain name parameters: creation date, zone, registrator, registration complexity, paid or free. Links to social networks are also checked.

What we are blocking:

Dangerous Website

Date of detection: 2022-11-29

Dangerous Website

Date of detection: 2023-03-17

Dangerous Website

Date of detection: 2023-03-25

Dangerous Website

Date of detection: 2023-04-02

Dangerous Website

Date of detection: 2023-04-03

Dangerous Website

Date of detection: 2023-05-04

Dangerous Website

Date of detection: 2023-05-06

Dangerous Website

Date of detection: 2023-05-19

What is the difference from analogs?


Our plugin new product is on the market, and we thankful for choosing us. For the trust placed in us, we give the first 3000 users a premium subscription. So as not to lose a subscription sign up on this site and confirm your email adress.


Paranoid Web Extension (does not request potentially malicious APIs (access to cookies) and does not make changes to pages. The extension does not have any loadable functionality that can be substituted by the developer. Even if attackers gain access to the hardware and software of the service, they will not be able to harm the user.


Paranoid Web Extension does not annoy with icons or color indicators, unlike most Internet security applications. The user does not need to pay attention to what color the icon appeared in the "header" of the site every time when opening a web page.

Latest websites checks:

– If all users were attentive and looked at the details, this extension would not make sense. Our product is like an unobtrusive bodyguard: silently stands nearby and waits for danger.