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postoff1ce.co.za reviews. Is legit or a scam, can you trust postoff1ce.co.za? Date of last check: 2023-05-26

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warning Postoff1ce.co.za - Low trust site

Our system thinks this website is suspicious.

We can't analyze website page content because a website redirects us to another domain(www.postoffice.co.za). You can check this website separately.

Check www.postoffice.co.za

Review of website:

In our opinion, postoff1ce.co.za - Low trust site, possibly a scam. We advise avoid that website. A site with a low level of trust on which you should not enter personal information or make purchases.

What we like in postoff1ce.co.za:

cancelNothing to like

What we don't like in postoff1ce.co.za:

cancel Website hides content from us

cancel At the moment of detection, the website was created in less than 10 days ago

cancel Website redirect our web crawler to another website

You can check this webpage www.postoffice.co.za.

cancel The website is not visited by many users

Summary analysis Postoff1ce.co.za

HTML page Analysis

We didn't find similarities with previously find scam websites or with popular websites. It does not guarantee that the website is legit. Scammers often mass-create websites and use the same design. That helps us to detect and block scam websites.

Postoff1ce.co.za technical analysis

Postoff1ce.co.za hides content from us.

At the moment of detection, Postoff1ce.co.za was created in less than 10 days ago. It's a red flag. Most scam websites are created and instantly used.

Postoff1ce.co.za redirects our web crawler to another website. Very often, websites do this to hide content from us. If you open a website and you have not redirected - this is red flag.

Social analysis

Postoff1ce.co.za is not visited by many users. For some, particular case, it is normal. For online shop is an important flag to make decision about interaction with this website.

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[email protected]

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Current: 7 days

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